Rules Updates & Reminders:

For the latest AASBD rules and car plans, go to and click on the drop down menu below "about us" and select the topic of interest (e.g., Plans, Rule Book).

AASBD rule changes for the 2014-2015 Season:  8/5/2014. The latest rule book is now posted on the AASBD website (see link below). Eligible racer ages are: Stock: 7 -13, Super Stock: 9 - 18, and Masters: 9 - 20. The upper age for Masters racers has been increased to 20. Updated car plans for all three divisions and the 2014 rule book are posted on the AASBD website. See plans and rules for links.

Axles (All cars): Only official AASBD stamped axles of 2000 and newer for the Stock and Super Stock Divisions, and 2004 and newer for the Masters Division are permitted to be used in an AASBD race.

For NDR rules, click here.

How to Get Started?

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Safety Reminder

Prior to each event, racers should conduct a safety inspection of their cars.  Below is a list of important inspection areas:


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